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What is #SOTRENDY?

By this point you have either seen one of our stickers, read about us online, or just happen to stumble on our website by random, but the questions may still be lingering. What is SOTRENDY? What does it mean? And most importantly, what does it represent?

Let’s start with what is SOTRENDY. SOTRENDY is anything you want it to be. The phrase is yours to use to mark, tag, or promote anything you think is worthy. It is a term to describe an absolute personal preference in art, music, fashion, anything that you feel matches your definition of perfection. SOTRENDY represents you as an individual. The term could be associated with what is known as “Hype Beast”, but it is so much more than just promoting new and upcoming. SOTRENDY can be used to help rediscover lost relics of perfection. So next time you take that Instagram picture, post a Facebook status, Tweet, or blog about something that motivates you make sure to use ‪#‎SOTRENDY‬ and share what keeps your eyes open.

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